Friday, November 6, 2009

Final TPL Leaders Day

Today I attended the final day for TPL team leaders. The day was organised for teams to put the final touches to their Case Study and submission to Knowledge Bank (which is to be called FUSE in the future).

I found it a very useful day for networking and catching up with other TPL leaders.

Robyn Scalon was very generous in sharing with me much of her knowlege about web 2.0.

I had been having problems with loading documents to the student wikis. Having set up accounts on Boxnet I discovered Netspace had blocked our access. Netspace is very good at this. I have had ongoing battles with them. Robyn introduced me to a website called Slideshare, which allows uploading of documents and slideshows. Hopefully when I get to work on Monday it will not be blocked by Netspace.

I also found out about another web-based bookmarking site called Simplybox. It is similar to Delicious but visually more interesting, especially for children.

Finally I now know a better way to access multiple open windows on my desktop, simply by sweeping my mouse pointer to the bottom-right or top-right of the screen.

All in all a most productive day.

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